SOMATIC EXPERIENCING® (SE) and EGO STATE THERAPY (EST) have been wonderfully combined into a creative, effective and holistic therapy approach by Maggie Phillips called Somatic Ego State Therapy (SEST). SEST is useful for a wide variety of problems, conflicts, symptoms and traumatic experiences. Rachporn Sangkasaad and Silvia Zanotta, the presenters of this training, spent years working alongside Maggie Phillips, the founder of this curriculum, and also Peter A. Levine, the founder of SE.

Although there are many “parts models,” Ego State Therapy is unique in using hypnosis and other tools to reach unconscious, hidden, and evasive aspects of the self that play a major role in posttraumatic symptoms including anxiety, pain, dissociation, depression, and syndromes that are not responsive to usual treatment approaches.

The special approach of SOMATIC EXPERIENCING® (SE) to precisely address the nervous system and thus enable changes on the neurophysiological, somatic, energetic and psychological level, represents an additional and deeper possibility of perception and processing. The specific focus on personality traits (Ego States) and their embodiment opens up exciting possibilities for how difficult and complex problems can be holistically changed and solved.

Participants will learn how to resolve inner struggles among “self states” which often block progress in therapy and maintain persistent symptoms for extensive periods of time. Somatic Ego State Therapy also provides ways of understanding and resolving some of the most difficult and complex problems that lead to disempowerment, like shame or preverbal / attachment trauma.

Participants will learn and practice hypnotic and nonhypnotic methods to connect with adaptive, introjected, and trauma-related states while building safety, stabilization and balance of the nervous system through co- and self-regulation.

The workshop format will emphasize live demonstrations, theory and practice of Ego State Therapy and Somatic Experiencing methods. Opportunities will also be given for case consultation and discussion of clinical applications of the Somatic Ego StateTherapy approach. Assistants will support the work with SEST exercises in small groups.


SEST-TRAINING Content: Module 1-4


27-29 September 2024:  Module 1

Principles and practices of Ego State Therapy and Somatic Experiencing

Development of Ego States

Functions, roles and characteristics of Ego States

The SARI model as a 4-stage treatment of EST

Creating effective therapeutic alliances with Ego States

Effects of trauma on memory

The dissociative spectrum

Strategies for symptom resolution and relief and for self-cohesion and empowerment

Indications and contraindications for Ego State work
Preparing the patient for treatment

22-24 August 2025: Module 3

Focus on phases R and I of the SARI model from Maggie Phillips,  strengthening resources, re-regulating, repairing, reconnecting

Challenges in trauma therapy: working with the dorsal-vagal system (hypo-arousal) and with blocking
ego states

Collapse and immobility (hypo-response) as survival strategy

Window of tolerance and complex trauma

Deepening stabilization techniques, establishing connection and safety with SEST

Containment and touch

How many brains in the human body?
Connecting with conflict-free experiences
SEST interventions for inner conflicts
Working with different introjects
Case supervision, questions, difficulties

21-23 March 2025 : Module 2

History, foundations and principles of Somatic Experiencing (SE)

'Felt Sense', SIBAM, somatic resonance, body resources

Neurobiology of trauma and resilience from SE perspective

Deepening the polyvagal theory and the concept of neuroception (Stephen Porges)

Ventral vagus and safety in the therapeutic relationship: from co-regulation to self-regulation

Stabilization with SEST

SEST as holistic approach: top-down & bottom-up

Dissociation: theoretical aspects

SEST interventions in defense and survival responses (hyper-response) such as fight, flight

Embodiment exercises

Case supervision, questions, difficulties

21-23 November 2025: Module 4

This is the Master Class of the SEST curriculum: refining SEST access for complex and treatment-resistant symptoms and syndromes.

Core Self-phenomena: activating resources with the Center Core Self

Deepening skills in dealing with Ego States while recognizing their various manifestations.

Advanced applications of SEST with malicious and destructive Ego States

Interventions for specific issues such as toxic shame, suicidal tendencies, preverbal and attachment trauma

Tools for working with persistent (unresponsive) symptoms such as emotional and physical pain syndromes and depression.

Therapeutic relationship problems: how to repair ruptures, reenactments and triggers through ventral-vagal activation.

Uniting Ego States through empathy, compassion, cooperation and developmental learning

False window of tolerance

Ego State Therapy research

Closure of the SEST curriculum and certification


Target audience

People with professional experience in the fields of medical and psychological psychotherapy, body-oriented therapy, life and social counseling, pedagogy, remedial education, pastoral care, specialized nursing, coaching. 


It is possible sign up and pay through 4 installments paid before each module. Not included in the costs for the 12 day training / 4 modules are also a mandatory lunchbuffet each day, coffee/tea, cake and fruit. (7800 NOK for all 12 days)

Room, breakfast and dinner is not included.    

Price for SEPs with membership in EASE or local SE-Association: 36000 NOK + 7800 NOK paid directly to the hotel for lunchbuffet, coffee, tea etc. It is possible to pay in 4 instalments, and the invoice sent out will be 9000 NOK per module. Please send us your SEP-Certificate.

A discount is also given to members in a Hypnosis- or EST-association, send us this information when registering. Price 37000 NOK Signing up for registration

If you are a SE-student, send us your last Certificate of Attendance in a SE-training. 

Non SE-practitioners: You have to have attend a SE-introductory course before signing up to the SEST training.  If you  sign up for a SE-Introduction + the SEST-training, you will get 25 % reduction of the costs for the SE-Intro.

Price:  Nonmembers Signing up for the whole 12 day SEST training 42000 NOK + 7800 NOK paid directly to the hotel for lunchbuffet, coffee, tea etc. The cost per Module will be 10500 NOK

Hotel venue : Olympiatoppen Sportshotell Sognsvannsveien 228, Oslo

The hotel have 32 rooms with 2-4 beds. We have reserved the whole hotel for this training. The hotel is situated in the forest with green surroundings and a nice lake, Sognsvann, is very close. It is the closest area for hiking and crosscountry acitivities in Oslo. 

It is 10-15 minutes downtown with the metro to the City with several other hotels.


Day package, which is mandatory: 7800 NOK paid by 4 instalments. 2024: 1815 NOK for one module, 2025: 1995 NOK x 3 modules. Pay this amount directly to the hotel. The Daypackage is for lunch buffet, fruit, cake and coffe/tea. 

Single room 2024: 1080 NOK per night included breakfast, 2025: 1188 NOK per night included breakfast.

Doubleroom 2024: 1280 NOK per night included breakfast, 2025:1408 NOK per night included breakfast.

They also have some rooms with 3, 4 and 5 beds.

Roomreservation:, and refer to Somatic Experiencing Instituttet/SEST-training


How to get there with train and metro:  Fly in to Oslo airport, take a Vy train or Flytoget to Oslo Central Station or the best is the next stop Nathionaltheatret. It then takes 16 minutes with the T-banen (metro with the western line nr 5: Sognsvann) from Nathionaltheatret to the last station Sognsvann. The hotel is then 2 minutes walk from this station. Tickets:  Download the the Apps: Vy or Flytoget for the train and Ruter for the metro. Flytoget costs almost the double of Vy and is not much faster.

With Taxi: Approx a 45 minutes taxi drive from Oslo airport if no traffic. (52 km)